26 Feb QUE REGARDE-T-ELLE – Luc Vaiser

Du 17-03-2018 au 21-03-2018

VERNISSAGE: 17-03-2018 - 16h00 > 19h00

Here, as close as it gets…

After a long time exploring the landscapes of the surrounding countryside, while discovering images of other people with equal fascination… Passionate about art, Luc Vaiser, has emphatically observed and adored… Since then, the question arose: how should things be done differently?

The photographer captures and reveals traces of the world and gives us so much to explore. He captures an image, be it real or virtual, it matters not… He knows what subject interests him. Then, when the time has come to head to the studio, to experiment, Luc Vaiser lets the image come to him, approaching, gliding, venturing, intuitively without certainty, paying close attention to what may suddenly appear, to what may be revealed. Digital technology allows Luc Vaiser to play with the image itself, as close as it gets…

The photograph is carefully used to present his images. Finding the right nuances, choosing the paper that enhances the digital print and finally suggesting ways to arrange the images so that it works with the gallery space.

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