17 Oct EVENT – Spyk – I’m not an artist !

Du 21-10-2016 au 06-11-2016

VERNISSAGE: 20-10-2016 19h > 22h

Lieu :


Rue Haute 182 

1000 Brussels


Spyk – I’m not an artist

Coming from the world of graffiti, Christophe Lequarre aka Spyk, has the desire to take what is not his and make it his own. Since he started, Spyk has designed artworks that sit uneasily between photographs and paintings. With this exhibition, he wished to push even further this component and play with it. Inspired by American writers like John Fante or Bukowski because of the honesty that transpires their novels and poetry, Spyk aspires to their force and ingenuity. He wishes like they did to use his talent to expiate his demons. And as these American writers back in the days, he hisses on the artificial, and praises the raw. In fact, deciding to get away from the growing superficiality of the word ‘artist,’ Spyk wants to get back to his roots, still craving to express his intuitions and impressions throughout the mean of the spray can. Showing in this exhibition called “I’m not an Artist,” he wants to suggest that individuality and intellectual property of the author are slowly disappearing in our contemporary society. People copy, steal, use and throw away. In a way, Spyk acts as a mirror of this situation by taking blue-chip pieces of some of the most familiar and marketable contemporary artists today placing them back into a frame and shattering their images. By committing this copyright infringement and artificially re-creating these artworks and photographies, he uses these artworks for his own way of expression; he shows how they have become his own possessions. Imposing tags on them, hence destroying their stance as million dollar works, taking back their originality and uniqueness. He is demonstrating that, like everything else, they are doomed to destruction and disappearance. He creates a moment in time where these artworks have lost their status and are placed back in the public realm of the street, becoming again “soulless objects.” Yet by choosing these artworks instead of any other ones, Spyk is additionally showing the impact, influence, and effect they have on him. He takes us through his vision of the contemporary art world, its definition and representation, portrays us how profoundly complex, twisted and composite it is now. By taking these sought-after artworks and encapsulating them into the art of the street, the exhibition develops a split between art and appropriation — a hallmark of postmodernism — and dives into the paradoxes and the contradictions of our contemporary era. He also takes a stance for graffiti and photography that have a major part and function in his world, and yet, there are, as he knows, two mediums that are undervalued in the sizable art market sphere. They are popular however not as recognized as other mediums. “I’m not an artist” resumes this situation. It also refers back to the famous quote “Ceci n’est pas une pipe” by Magritte which pushes to think about philosophical questions of meanings and definitions. Spyk answers to all the criteria of an artist, despite that, he is telling us that he is a mere image of one. It obliges us to think again about the concepts behind the artworks presented here and the distinct layers of significance and overlaying images they hold. As Spyk wrote to me, in the end, the aim of these canvases is to show the artistic milkshake existing in his flesh and blood.

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