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29 Jul John Franzen: “You are the only one who knows”

Du 30-09-2016 au 30-10-2016

VERNISSAGE: 29-09-2016 - 18H >21H

“What else could be a more substantial motive than the creator’s own existence?” John Franzen

John Franzen’s art is an attempt to discern governing principles of the universe.  Artistic investigation, as a way of inquiring about the world, keeps asking the same perennial questions about origin of matter as science and religion. It bridges scientific and spiritual dimensions by conveying a message which is both: universal and deeply personal.  His art transcends the dualism of objective and subjective, matter and spirit. It goes beyond the established framework of  human knowledge and beliefs towards the state of ubiquitous oneness. He believes that every form of existence, from a thought, a feeling, matter to space and time is one and the same energy governed by the same principle and being a part of the Singular Universe. Dualism exists only as our perception and it is through their singularity that we can access the truth.

Artist’s leitmotiv is the act of creation itself and the sources underlying it. He deconstructs the definition of an image. Creative process is a purgatory practice, reducing all the superfluous meanings to the core, the archetype (Urbild). He encourages audience to leave behind their preconceived ideas about art, to abandon perception predetermined by cultural habituation and to have a  direct, free experience.

The artist is an intermediary between an observer and the reality beyond the painting.  Freed from any preconceived ideas and filled with emptiness, he becomes a channel of creative energy. Artistic practise takes on the form of a rite in which the artist, as a shaman, exerts his power over material substance in order to transcend it. For Franzen, the performative aspect of his work is of great importance. Each act of creation constitutes a  ritual in which the artist gains control over universal energies and  unifies with the cosmos. He becomes, what shi Tao called, a human universe executer.

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