18 Feb Available for reference

Du 29-04-2016 au 29-05-2016

VERNISSAGE: 28-04-2016

The exhibition put on by the gallery reveals a man, Georges Uhoda, who is available for reference. For available is what Georges Uhoda has been all his life. Available for being astonished, for capturing an artist’s talent, for allowing himself to be surprised by a new expressive form of contemporary art. Available, too, in his relations with artists from Belgium and elsewhere, as long as these are true and high-quality relations.

In the course of his progression and his encounters, this enlightened amateur has become a key contemporary art reference. He presents to us here, in his daughter’s gallery, his favourites, but equally a piece of his soul.


Visitors will discover here such renowned and varied artists as Futura 2000, Fouad Bouchoucha, Daniel Buren, Gilbert and George, Jacky Tsai, Pierre Ardouvin, Thomas Ruff, Tony Oursler, Claude Viallat, Franz Erhard Walther, Gilberto Zorio or Jonathan Meese. They will be touched by the grace of the questioning of Jacques Charlier, Johan Muyle, Jacques Lizène, or Charlotte Beaudry. And under the gaze of the protagonists of Tatah, they will query the meaning of this hypermodern and over-connected society, where the human loses himself without the absolute references that are humanist values.


This and many other things will be queried in this exhibition on show from 29 April till 29 May at the Yoko Uhoda Gallery.


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