08 Nov Luc Vaiser

Du 07-11-2015 au 07-12-2015

Since the age of fourteen, Luc Vaiser has photographed the world around us through an inquisitive, impassioned eye. Guided by his sensitivity and intuition, this photographer seeks neither exoticism nor originality but simplicity. His lens often ventures into territory that is close and familiar to him, where the subjects appear in all their authenticity. His approach is not founded on some wish to conceptualize or premeditate but rather on a yearning to instantly capture the fragility of beings and things. From portraits to still life through forestscapes, seascapes or rural landscapes, his eclectic works are unclassifiable. Tirelessly exploring new paths to achieve an  unusual photographic style, all of his shots harness the purity and the quintessence that bring to life the subjects photographed. Whether his work suggests a stylistic approach through a play on contrasts, shades of light and intense colours, above all else Luc Vaiser seeks to capture the essential.

Vois là…
Vois là… invites you to discover the universe and photography of Luc Vaiser through three themes: still life, flowers and things. The exhibition is bold both in its choice of subjects and in their presentation where different formats alternate to create a break of scale and a change of pace. The pictures on show are the fruit of experimentation and a questioning on the border between pictorial and photographic register. Oscillating between the figurative and the abstract, his images breathe poetry, sensuality and lightness. Their minimalist aspect coupled with the intensity and purity of colours provides a veritable visual impact for the greatest pleasure of the eye.

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